Elizabeth Jenkins

Board Chair, DCC

The embodiment of generosity and persistence. 

Elizabeth Jenkins is the wife of the late Jason Jenkins, SVP of Communications & Community Relations at the Miami Dolphins. Having seen the DCC grow since its inception first-hand, Elizabeth took on a vital role to do more and honor the memory of Jason. 

Approached by President of the Miami Dolphins, Tom Garfinkel, Elizabeth was hesitant to take on the responsibility until she found her answer while at church. “My pastor gave a very impassioned sermon that day about stepping into something that keeps coming as a gift to you,” Elizabeth said. 

Fittingly, Mr. Garfinkel called her half-an-hour after leaving church, and Elizabeth accepted and vowed to lean in to become the Board Chair for the Dolphins Challenge Cancer. 

Elizabeth is also a proud participant of the DCC, and is excited to play a role in making a positive impact for those battling cancer in our community and beyond. 

“That will make me feel amazing at the end of the day. I did something special. I left my own mark. And that’s really what the next chapter is about,” says Elizabeth.

And that’s really what the next chapter is about.

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